Spoiler Free.

These are from Jimmy Kimmel last night. I’m actually thinking the Soprano’s one isn’t too far off the actual one.


Pretty much spoiler-free. Still piecing together The End.

How could I forgot to post this?  It’s much easier than writing stuff. 🙂

So this is it. One more night of lost and it’s all over.  Is anyone feeling a bit nostalgic?  Anyone thinking there’s no way in heck we’ll have all the answers on Sunday night?  My guess is there will be a lot left over for us to debate in the future…things with no answers. Continue Reading »

Across the Lost sea

Am I the only one disappointed by this weeks episode? Maybe I had my expectations too high or something. Or is it the tailspin, C.J. Cregg’s career seems to taken after President Bartlet finished his second term. However, it just didn’t seem to live up to expectations…well, my expectations.

Anyway,  on to the show… Continue Reading »

Oh yeah, Lost was on last night. I’d better start writing.

And if you are still waiting for me to finish writing, you can read about the tangled whale.

The Untangled Candidate

How could I forget to post this earlier?

Until next week.