With only 4 hours (with commercial breaks) remaining, there’s probably going to be some kind of big twist coming to close things up.

This week we got more of the Jack/Locke dynamic.  For some reason, Jack is now drawn to Locke and feels the need to fix him over all other patients under his care.  Helen stops by and Jack is adamant about finding out how Locke injured his back so he could “fix him” (Jack hasn’t been trying to fix things much this season though) Continue Reading »


The Last Recruit is Lost

In typical Lost fashion, just when you think you know the typical structure of the show, they throw you a curve ball.  This week, instead of the usual ‘centric’ episode where the storyline focuses on one or two of the characters, we get a story where they are all coming together or splitting up or….well, as usual, a lot happened. Continue Reading »

Untangled Recruit

In case you missed anything, Dr Chang breaks down last nights episode.

When two sides go to war….

There are two sides of a coin, two versions of the same story, two paths you can take. We’ve seen the two sides of Locke, the two sides of Jack. This week, we see Hurley go from comic relief to…..well, whatever he is now. Continue Reading »


While waiting for me to put my thoughts together on this week’s episode, here’s a short recap provided by our (well, my) favorite Dharma instructional film host….and his “Mini Me”.

Candidates Poll

Just curious who everyone thinks will, or might, takes Jacob’s gig as protector of the island and guy who destroys lives in order to prove his point to the Smokey dude.

Yes, by choosing Kwon, you are choosing either of them.  Yes, I know a couple are crossed of, but this is Lost remember. 🙂

Happily Lost Ever After

I don’t know how many times he said it in previous seasons, but as much as I kept waiting, Desmond never once said, “See you in another life” this week.  I guess that’s cuz he already has. Continue Reading »