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In typical Lost fashion, just when you think you know the typical structure of the show, they throw you a curve ball.  This week, instead of the usual ‘centric’ episode where the storyline focuses on one or two of the characters, we get a story where they are all coming together or splitting up or….well, as usual, a lot happened. (more…)


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I realize it’s still another day until the next episode of Lost. However, over the weekend a new theory hit me and I figured I’d throw it out for everyone to some feedback.

What if the alternate timeline we are watching in Lost, the one where the plane lands safely at LAX, is actually the real timeline? (more…)

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Did you know that last night’s episode was the 108th episode?

For some reason just before the show started I decided to grab a notepad. I don’t normally take notes but, well, there were some quotes which caught my attention. (more…)

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Lost is back….yea!!!

Here’s some quick thoughts I have after watching last nights episode. Need to watch it again though. I’m kinda jump back and forth with my thoughts so I hope you can follow. (more…)

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