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After watching last night, I haven’t seen anything, yet, to shoot any holes in my theory. 😉

Dogen to Sayid: “One side of the scale there is good. The other side, evil. Yours tipped the wrong way.” He never said Sayid was evil. Could it be that the scale tipped…wasn’t in balance that is the problem? (more…)


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Did you know that last night’s episode was the 108th episode?

For some reason just before the show started I decided to grab a notepad. I don’t normally take notes but, well, there were some quotes which caught my attention. (more…)

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Does Kate get Lost?

I’m going to have to watch last nights show again to pick up a lot of the stuff I missed. I spent most of yesterday in bed with the exception of the hour or so I was at the docs getting some antibiotics and the time I spent shoveling the driveway. (more…)

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