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When two sides go to war….

There are two sides of a coin, two versions of the same story, two paths you can take. We’ve seen the two sides of Locke, the two sides of Jack. This week, we see Hurley go from comic relief to…..well, whatever he is now. (more…)


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Well that was fun. We were provided with all kinds of new information (and confirmation of some theories) this week…as we expected. Richard is from sunny (well, except when it’s raining) Tenerife. I always thought it was just a beach with a bunch of bars and hotels. Who knew it had a jungle and that it rained there too? (more…)

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Lost is back….yea!!!

Here’s some quick thoughts I have after watching last nights episode. Need to watch it again though. I’m kinda jump back and forth with my thoughts so I hope you can follow. (more…)

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