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When two sides go to war….

There are two sides of a coin, two versions of the same story, two paths you can take. We’ve seen the two sides of Locke, the two sides of Jack. This week, we see Hurley go from comic relief to…..well, whatever he is now. (more…)


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There was such an incredible amount of information in this episode that I had to watch it a second time. Heck, I’d have watched it a third time but then I remembered I had to finish an assignment for school. Don’t worry mom, I finished it and turned it in with some time to spare. (more…)

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After watching last night, I haven’t seen anything, yet, to shoot any holes in my theory. 😉

Dogen to Sayid: “One side of the scale there is good. The other side, evil. Yours tipped the wrong way.” He never said Sayid was evil. Could it be that the scale tipped…wasn’t in balance that is the problem? (more…)

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